The pharmacy of Nazeran Hospital is in the lobby of hospital adjacent to the specialized clinic. This pharmacy, which is among the most advanced hospital pharmacies, has been active since the establishment of this hospital.

The available services of the pharmacy are listed hereunder.

   Supplying drugs for hospital dispensary

    Supplying single-prescription medicines.

    Supplying general instrument consumption.

    Supplying special instruments on doctors’ demands

   Supplying drugs for nation-wide dispensary out of hospital’s share.

    Standard maintenance of medicines and equipment.

   Maintenance and servicing of the 2 storages of the daily operation theatre.

    Maintenance and servicing of the 24hours operation theatre storage.

    Distributing the medicines to all sections on 24 hours a day.

   Supplying and completing the trolley cad instruments and medicines  for the whole

   Single preparation of prescriptions.

   Distributing emergency drugs to all departments.

    24 hours servicing for the emergency room patients