Mission And Vision

Mission Statement

Relying on God Almighty, Abbas Nazeran Hospital is the only oncology charity hospital in Mashhad, employing capable and committed human resources, using modern and advanced equipment to provide safe and effective as well as quality diagnostic and therapeutic services, relying on the power of donors to patients, especially the vulnerable and low-income groups.

It also attempts to observe patient rights in order to fulfill the mission of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the country.

Vision Statement

In its 5-year perspective and based on the potential capacity of the Mashhad Cancer Support Charity Association, Abbas Nazeran Hospital is determined to be recognized as the most equipped and the safest subspecialty oncology center in the east of the country. It aims to provide educational, research, and treatment services.


complying with ethics and adherence to human values

preservation of human dignity by respecting the rights of service recipients 

*cooperation, responsibility, and teamwork

* creativity and innovation

* observance of rules and justice

General goals:

*  promoting the health and safety of patients and staff 

* continuous improvement of the quality of medical services

* management of human resources by maintaining human dignity, continuous training, and motivating employees 

* management of financial resources and equipment to provide more favorable services

* maintaining and promoting public participation to provide a part of the medical expenses of the needy patients