Dr. Mohammad

Curriculum Vitae

Internist, medical oncologist
The pervious assistant professor of Ahvaz
Jondi Shapur of medical sciences
Address: Ahmadabad, No 26, Aref avenue 3th , Yas building, 4th floor, Baran center of outpatient chemotherapy



Dr. Qolam Hossein Noferesti

Curriculum Vitae

He is a radiotherapist specializing in blood, cancer and radiotherapy
Address: No. 6, Kolahdoz 2nd, Mashhad


Dr. Yasha Makhdoomi

Curriculum Vitae

Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center Physician, Mashhad, Iran
Head of Radiotherapy Ward
Director of Khorasan province Radiation Oncologists Association
Committee member and treasurer at Iran radiation Oncology Association
Mashhad Medical Science university, Omid Oncology Hospital
Physician, executive member of cancer research center
Urmia Medical Science university
Head of Omid Cancer Center

External beam radiotherapy, Brachytherapy (esophagus and Gynecology)
Chemotherapy of cancer patients (solid tumors) , Electro chemotherapy
Address: Unit 17 , floor 4, Kouhsangi 6th, Mashhad
Phone: 051-38582060


Dr. Seyyed Amir Alleh-davood

Curriculum Vitae

Professor of Radiotherapy
Department of Radiation Oncology, School of Medicine
Cancer Research Center
Omid Hospital
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
Address: No .6, Homa building, Kolahdouz 2nd, Ahmadabad square

Armin Saeedi

Dr. Armin

Curriculum Vitae

Radiation Oncologist, graduated 2011 at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. With a background of 10 years of oncology treatment and consultation, all non-surgical treatment in field of oncology is supervised in his clinic.

Address: Aref 1, Ahmadabad, Azade building, Mashhad
Phone: 051-38476665

hematologist & oncologist

Dr. Ali Reza

Curriculum Vitae

♦ Dr. Ali Reza Bari Associate Professor of Adult hematologist & oncologist

Specialty of internal diseases

Address: Kolahdouz 11th, Kolahdouz Blvd., Mashhad

Phone: 051-38461948

Zahra Mozaheb
Hematology Oncology

Dr. Zahra

Curriculum Vitae

Dr.Zahra Mozaheb

Specialty of internal diseases

Has more than 24 years of valuable experience in the field of blood and oncology in Mashhad

Associate Professor

Address: No .6, Aref 1st, Ahmadabad, Mashhad


Hossein Rahimi
Hematology Oncology

Dr. Hosseien

Curriculum Vitae

Subspecialty in Adult Blood Diseases and Cancer (Adult Oncology Hematology)

Dr. Hosseien Rahimi Associate Professor of Internal Medicine (Hematology - Oncology), Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

 Member of the research committee of the internal group

 Member of the promotion committee of internal group assistants

Address: Sanabad 43,45, Sanabad Street


دکتر احسان سلطانی
Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Ehsan Soltani

Curriculum Vitae

Minimally invasive surgery for gastrointestinal cancers (laparoscopy and thoracoscopy)
Abdominal carcinomatosis surgery due to cancer of the ovary, colon and appendix with intra-abdominal chemotherapy by HIPEC and EPIC
Head and neck cancer surgery with free flaps and microvascular anastomosis
Malignant Melanoma surgery
Breast cancer surgery and simultaneous oncoplastic breast reconstruction

دکتر ناصر فرقانی
General Surgeon

Dr. Mohamad Naser Forghani

Curriculum Vitae

Specialist in General Surgery
Postgraduate breast cancer surgery course from the UK
Collaboration with Professor Keshtgar in performing the first scout lymph node surgery with breast isotope in breast cancer in Iran in 2005
Performing the first breast cancer surgery with IORT in the east of the country